Ministry & Life is the personal writing and publishing ministry of Dr Grant D Muhl

About Grant D Muhl

Dr Grant D Muhl is a certified personal and business master coach, with over 35 years experience as a leader, pastor, educator, strategist, mentor and writer. 

“What really matters to me,” says Grant, “is that clients trust me with what is undoubtedly the most important part of their lives, and that is to be allowed to walk with them as they discover and grow with God in their daily lives. What excites me most is to see clients learning how to walk with God in grace, as they discover the joy of serving God in their everyday lives.”

A special trademark of Grant’s work is his sense of empathy with clients, bringing honesty, integrity and accountability together to achieve transformation in many lives. Grant brings a wealth of knowledge and Christian insight to each session, constantly acknowledging and honouring each client as a whole person, specially created and formed by God, together seeking extraordinary results in client’s lives.

Grant is an ordained Baptist minister.

Quick Facts about Grant

  • Licentiate in Theology from the Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa
  • Masters in Theology
  • Masters in Divinity (specialising in Christian Counselling)
  • Masters in Biblical Archaeology
  • Doctor of Theology
  • Doctor of Religious Education
  • Master of Science (Business Studies)
  • Extensive research and training in Christian Education, Theology, Leadership, Christian Counselling, Life Change Management
  • Founder and Executive Director of Study To Serve Institute, a dedicated Christian Lifestyle, Theology, Discipleship and Ministry training organization
  • Managing Director of Strathdon Manor International (Pty) Ltd, a specialist Cloud Accounting and Small Business Services Training company.
  • President of the International Theology and Ministry Education Research Institute, dedicated to Education research and curriculum development and accreditation in the fields of Theology and Ministry
  • Specialist wildlife guide and tracker
  • Certified South African Specialist

Grant D Muhl – Business


Grant spends a lot of his time developing training materials, articles and doing research in his specialist field of Christian Theology and Ministry. The Study To Serve Institute provides an online vehicle for quality ministry, theology and discipleship training.

ITMERI (Current President)

The International Theology and Ministry Education Research Institute is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and specializes in Theology and Ministry Education Research. The Institute also reviews and develops Theology and Ministry training curriculum, as well as developing and maintaining Accreditation and Unit Standards.


Strathdon Manor International specializes in Cloud Accounting, Administration and Training for Business Entrepreneurs. Grant is an Accredited Advisor for Xero Accounting, suppliers of cutting edge, cloud based accounting. The company also does extensive online business development and marketing, as well as online business training for entrepreneurs.


Strathdon Press is the publishing division of Strathdon Manor International (Pty) Ltd. All publications authored by Grant are available on the Strathdon Press website, as well as many other books of interest.

Of particular interest is the Limited Miniature Series, a series of Literary Classics published and printed in Miniature format.

Strathdon Press also publishes and prints the Royal Reader Series, an easy to carry format popularised by the Royal Family over many decades