Beyond Success: A programme to Change Your Life!

Beyond Success

Have we missed the boat? In recent decades, we have changed our focus from family to fame, from purpose to prestige, from meaning to madness. Success has become our ultimate goal. Success, usually at the expense of everything that matters in our lives. The more we pursue success, the more we seem to lose; our health, our family, our relationships, our sense of sanity!

We end up having big bank balances, big cars, even bigger houses, but there still seems to be a deep-seated sense of discontent. It is as if we all are crying out, “If this is success, What have I missed? Why don’t I feel more fulfilled, more alive – more successful?”

We hunger desperately for something more, something beyond success! NO longer is the big car, the big house enough. We search longingly for something more, something deeper, something that will bring a sense of purpose to our crazy living. Yet, despite our longing and searching for this sense of purpose in what we are doing, we encounter daily reality filled with aggression, doubt, fear and apprehension. Sadly for many, the secrets of our unique sense of genius and purpose are often locked behind tall walls of fear and a strong sense of limitation.

There are four main cultural belief systems that that subtly and constantly hinder us from living with purpose, and constantly stifle our strengths. You will be challenged to change your thinking in these four areas of your life, to put off these damaging beliefs, and to choose your own direction of purpose and fulfilment for your life. These four beliefs are:

1.  Our belief about Success.

One of the greatest stumbling blocks in our lives is our belief that our success depends upon what others think about us. This belief is probably the most debilitating power in our lives. It is my belief that in order to live Beyond Success you need to understand and accept that success has to be measured against yourself only, and is not dependant on what others think of you. Our whole lives we have been taught that our personal success depends on those around us: those with the highest marks at school get rewarded, those who perform better at sports, those who bring in more sales, those who impress the boss, are the ones who are rewarded and considered successful. As long as we believe that success is determined externally, we open the door for a paralysing fear of failure. Our society is designed for very few people to win, while everyone else loses.

2. Our belief about Leadership

 In today’s climate, we see business, political, social and educational leaders all around us constantly involved and glamourizing greed, dishonesty and selfishness. Disrespect for leaders is growing exponentially, and we are teaching our children that leaders are not to be trusted.

Beyond Success works on the premise that Every One of Us Is a Leader! In every moment of our lives, we have the opportunity AND the power to decide what is next for us. Making decisions is the essence of leadership! In fact, The Gift of Personal Leadership is Our Most Basic Birthright! We all need to learn  to make decisions in our lives that will take us Beyond Success!

 3. Our Belief about Relationships

 In dealing with this area of mistaken beliefs, we need to re-examine and re-form our foundational understanding of relationships. Most of us, while enjoying the idea of being part of a team, have been taught throughout our lives to use teams and relationships to separate rather than to connect and unite. Even within our families, social circles and business, we create subgroups that are pitted against each other, minimizing available resources for success, and fuelling animosity amongst each other.

As we learn to live Beyond Success, we need to learn how to deepen our consideration of others, and learn to honour differences instead of fearing them. Learning to do this is vital in our business, social and also our family lives. It is only as we learn to be empowered by even our toughest competitors, and to understand that their competition is what helps to bring out the very best in us, that we can truly say that we are living Beyond Success.

4. Our belief about Ourselves

 This facet of our lives is very often an area that we pay very little attention to. Once again, we have been taught throughout our lives that we should not delve too deeply into this realm, because it is too philosophical and impractical, and it also brings out an emotional side of us that is considered a great weakness! Beyond Success deals practically with personal questions in your life regarding your life vision, purpose, core beliefs and worldview. We need to acknowledge that understanding these areas of our lives and spending regular time refining and making adjustments to our thinking will take us Beyond Success, and will bring us greater fulfilment and purpose and real success in our lives.

**The Beyond Success programme will change your life! The programme includes training manuals, practical worksheets, and personal coaching from Grant D Muhl, a certified Master Life Coach and Executive Life Strategist with Strathdon Manor International.**

A limited number of places are available for personal one-on-one Beyond Success mentoring as well. Contact me today for further details.