Leadership Development is always a hot topic, no matter where you look or what you read. Whether it is in business, government, the home, the local church or other organization, local government, family, or anywhere else that there is a gathering of people, Leadership Development is always at the forefront of the success of that gathering.

Thousands of books on Leadership Development abound, and hundreds of Leadership Models compete with each other for prominence and effectiveness. Sadly, the majority of material written and models devised all focus on what a good leader should be doing. In our crazy, run-away world where everything is a competition to survive, Leadership has just become another race to the top.

What most people have missed in the race to the top is the fundamental and pivotal foundation of leadership:

Good and Effective Leadership is about Who You Are, NOT about what you do!


Purpose with Passion recognizes this fundamental foundation, and seeks to present an Effective Personal Leadership model based on Character, Consistency and Compassion. Every one of us, no matter how insignificant we may feel from time to time, is born into leadership. A core pillar of Purpose with Passion is that each one of us, no matter what our station in life, is born with the responsibility to lead! Whether we are leaders in our business, or fathers, mothers, spouses, community leaders, or simply friends and family with no official leadership capacity, we ALL are leaders with a profound potential to influence and to build up and to make a difference around us.




Purpose: acknowledges that each one of us is created and put on this earth with a purpose. Even if you don’t believe that right now, even if it seems that life is just too mixed up and silly to make any sense of, the reality is that You Were Created For a Purpose!

Passion: In our fast-paced, survival of the fittest, dog-eat-dog world, it is very easy just to opt out, and live an unfulfilling, bland existence. Discovering and living our Purpose will bring with it a renewed Passion to live, not merely to exist!

And so, in the pages of this Website, you will find a challenge to become the leader you were created to be, a renewed sense of Purpose, an uplifting Focus for living, and an empowering Passion to live your life on Purpose with Passion!